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    1964 album by The isley Brothers with Jimi Hendrix on guitar on some songs. But released after his death in 1970

Three Songs from the album have alternate takes Move Over & Let Me Dance Part 1, and Testify part 1&2 and Have You Ever Been Disappointed parts 1&2. Only 7 out of the 8 songs were release from the album as singles but never charted on the billboard charts.

  • Move Over And Me Dance Pt1 (2:40)
  • Have You Been Disappointed (617)
  • Testify pt 1&2 (4:11)
  • Move Over And Me Dance (Instrumental) Pt2 (2:45)
  • Wild As A Tiger (2:07 )
  • The Last Girl (2:51)
  • Simon Says (2:27)
  • Looking For A Love (3:19)

  • A-side Testify pt 1
  • B-side Testify pt 2

  • A-side Move Over And Let Me Dance pt1
  • B-side Have You Ever Been Disappoint pt 1&2

  • A-side Simon Says
  • B-Side Wild As a Tiger

  • A-side Looking For A Love
  • B-side The Last Girl

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